Will Faught

July 2011

Symptoms Of Stress, Anxiety, And Depression

During the past several years, I experienced a variety of symptoms caused by stress, anxiety, and depression caused by my academic studies and thesis. Physical symptoms: Blurred vision Heart palpitations Chest pain Numbness Twitches Teeth grinding Ear pain (temporomandibular joint disorder) Weight loss Dizziness Exhaustion Panic attacks Mental symptoms: Insomnia Irritability Moodiness Agitation Loneliness Detachment Introversion Impaired memory Impaired focus Impaired cognition Bad judgment Behavioral symptoms: Procrastination Nervous habits Excessive sleeping There are others that I won’t mention.

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Will Faught

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August 2008

Thesis Detox

It’s been so great to be home these past few weeks. Before I came here I was working on my thesis every day, worrying about it, stressed out, cranky, crazy. That’s no way to live. For the first couple weeks back I didn’t really think about the work much and it was heaven. I can’t believe how much stress can take over your life and make you miserable. I should probably look into ways of dealing with my stress, because I was not going about it in a healthy way.

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Will Faught

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