Will Faught

April 2012

Coming Home

I stayed at the Chocolate Box Backpackers hostel for five more days. I was so tired and burned out that I kept mostly to myself and stayed inside. The weather was still wet and dreary, so I wasn’t missing out on much outside. I read the web, watched some movies, and otherwise relaxed. On Friday, March 2, I flew from Taipei to Seoul, and then a couple hours later I flew to Seattle, Washington.

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Will Faught

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September 2009

Bought My Holiday Flight Tickets

I figured that it would be cheaper to fly from the SEA airport in Seattle to SFO in San Francisco than to SMF in Sacramento, since there would probably be more flights on that route. I just checked and found to my surprise that SFO tickets are significantly more expensive. Maybe there’s more demand? Interesting. I wish one of these flight booking web sites would create a feature that would find the best ticket deal for me for a given holiday.

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Will Faught

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January 2009

Airing Of Grievances

I flew from Seattle to Sacramento on Saturday, December 20. I reserved a flat-rate taxi ride from my apartment to the airport, and it started to snow as I approached the airport terminal. When I later glanced out a terminal window, the tarmac was carpeted with snow, and more was still falling. Earlier flights were delayed, but fortunately my flight was delayed only thirty minutes, so I grabbed a beer. We boarded without further delays, but we didn’t depart until hours later.

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Will Faught

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November 2008

I Moved To Seattle!

I moved to Seattle! Yes, it finally happened. No, the thesis isn’t done; I’ll have to fly back when it’s done to defend it. Seattle couldn’t wait any longer. I would have written about this sooner, but I’ve felt so tired in the evenings since I moved here. Moving is always such a chore. Thankfully Microsoft made the move very easy by shipping my belongings and car here, providing temporary housing and a rental car, and connecting me with a rental agent in the area.

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Will Faught

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