Will Faught

June 2009

Dear Steve

I sent the following to Mr. Jobs, I am dissatisfied with my experience of activating my iPhone 3GS. Activation was delayed for four days. Then, iTunes gave me a vague error saying my phone couldn’t be activated without explaining why. Then, I received an e-mail with a phone number to call. I tried calling it numerous times without being connected to a person in a reasonable amount of time. I once waited on hold for about twenty-five minutes.

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Will Faught

2 minutes

September 2008

I Could Have Killed Windows

Windows has a way of getting under my skin that no other operating system can. It has a unique blend of interface freezing, printer problems, entropy, and slowdown. It drives me crazy. Actually, on the interface freezing, I’ve noticed that most major OS interfaces experience slow down. Is it so hard to give precedence to windows, widgets, and the mouse? Gah. I’m actually surprised more people haven’t caught onto the fact that life on Mac OS is simpler.

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Will Faught

1 minute

August 2007

Electronic Voting Is Stupid

The problems with electronic voting machines are threefold: Your votes can be changed and there’s no record if they’re changed. Pen is permanent and cannot be hidden. Your votes cannot be authenticated. It’s difficult to forge a signature and impossible to do on a large scale. The process by which votes are tabulated is not transparent. Counting by hand is understandable and easily verifiable. We should use paper ballots with ink circles to indicate our votes and ink signatures to authenticate them.

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Will Faught

1 minute