Will Faught

June 2016

For Nintendo, It’s Not About Specs

Alex Osborn, writing for IGN: When asked how Nintendo NX will stack up against Sony and Microsoft’s forthcoming hardware revisions—namely PlayStation 4 NEO and Xbox One Scorpio—Fils-Aime told Bloomberg (via Nibel): “For us, it’s not about specs, it’s not about teraflops, it’s not about the horsepower of a particular system. For us, it’s about the content.” In other words, not good. I stopped expecting good hardware from Nintendo a long time ago.

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Will Faught

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February 2011

Apple, Netflix, And Nintendo

It’s kinda crazy how high Apple’s stock is right now (currently $339). I wish I had invested more in it when it was only $90. I only considered buying their stock at the time because I believed in what they were doing, and didn’t really care about dividends or stock price fluctuations. I recently took stock of what I spend my money on and realized that Netflix is another company that I believe in, and would consider investing in without doing any research.

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Will Faught

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March 2008

Super Mario Galaxy

I bought the Nintendo Wii game Super Mario Galaxy when it was released and I’ve almost finished it (ten stars left to get). It’s a superb game, with beautifully-executed graphics, sound, game play, and level design (IGN gave it 9.7/10). It’s the best game on Wii right now and I’d recommend it to anyone who liked other Mario games or wants to see the Wii controls done right. However, it does have a couple faults.

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Will Faught

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October 2006

Writing For Video Games

I’ve been reading an essay by Marc Laidlaw, entitled “The Hypermodern Muse“, in which he presents his experiences and reflections on writing for games. In case you don’t know, he’s the writer for Valve’s critically-acclaimed Half-Life games. When describing the essence of fusing writing with gameplay to make truly great games, he uses the game Majora’s Mask as an example. MM is one of my favorite games ever, but I’ve never been able to satisfactorily express why.

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Will Faught

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