Will Faught

December 2009


I signed up for a LinkedIn account a while ago. I can’t remember how it happened. I know it wasn’t because all the cool kids were doing it. Maybe I did it just in case it turned into something big, and then I’d already be registered. Anyways, I never use it, but I periodically get ‘acquaintance’ requests (there’s nothing fun or friendly about them; the lame default message that everyone uses is something like “I would like to establish a connection with you”) from people I know in person, and occasionally from people I’ve never met.

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Will Faught

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November 2008


One reason I hesitated to move to Washington was because most of my friends and family are in California. I started college not knowing anyone, but joining a fraternity facilitated making friends and filled my schedule. Once again I’m faced with starting over, and I wonder if Microsoft will play that role of friend maker and schedule filler. I moved up here expecting only to know my aunt and uncle, who live in Sequim (pronounced squim for some reason); Dan, who was in my fraternity and works here full time now; and Tom, with whom I worked on a school project and who works at Microsoft too.

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Will Faught

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