Will Faught

November 2011

Hong Kong: Long Day Of Traveling

For Monday, November 7, 2011 Narita Yama, the hostel owner, gave me a free ride to the Narita airport in the morning. I flew from there to the Shanghai Pudong airport. The architecture of the terminal was lofty and impressive. The airport had wifi, but Facebook, Twitter, and Dropbox were blocked by the Great Firewall. I then flew to Hong Kong and arrived in the evening. It was much warmer than South Korea or Japan had been, to the point where you would sweat just by standing there.

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Will Faught

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Japan: Backtracking

For Sunday, November 6, 2011 Hiroshima Chris (from Australia) and I rode the Shinkansen train to Tokyo. It took five hours altogether. We had to sit apart, so I mostly listened to podcasts to pass the time. It was pleasant just to sit there and watch the landscape slide past. Tokyo At the JR station, Chris and I parted ways. He was returning home, having spent two weeks in Japan for vacation.

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Will Faught

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