Will Faught

November 2011

Japan: Backtracking

For Sunday, November 6, 2011 Hiroshima Chris (from Australia) and I rode the Shinkansen train to Tokyo. It took five hours altogether. We had to sit apart, so I mostly listened to podcasts to pass the time. It was pleasant just to sit there and watch the landscape slide past. Tokyo At the JR station, Chris and I parted ways. He was returning home, having spent two weeks in Japan for vacation.

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Will Faught

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Japan: Aftermath Of A Cataclysm

For Saturday, November 5, 2011 Kyoto The sky was gray and dreary. Chris (from Australia) and I took the Shinkansen train to Hiroshima. Hiroshima It was raining when we arrived two hours later. We walked a few blocks to our hostel, K’s House. After checking in, we rode the street tram to the A-Bomb Dome. We strolled around the perimeter, taking photos here and there, and reading the plaques of a few art installations commemorating the event of the bombing and the people and children affected by it.

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Will Faught

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