Will Faught

August 2016

Million Container Challenge

Cluster schedulers promise us ease of deployment with ultimate scalability. We designed an ambitious challenge to test these promises: schedule one million containers. We call this the Million Container Challenge (C1M). HashiCorp prides itself on creating technically excellent software, and the C1M is a test to showcase this. We tested Nomad against the C1M to ensure that we meet the needs of our users at any scale. A cluster of five Nomad servers scheduled one million containers in less than five minutes, a rate of 3,750 containers per second.

cluster container deploy deployment docker hashicorp manage management nomad

Will Faught

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October 2015

Consul Vs. Chef, Puppet, Etc.

HashiCorp on Consul versus Chef, Puppet, etc.: It is not uncommon to find people using Chef, Puppet, and other configuration management tools to build service discovery mechanisms. This is usually done by querying global state to construct configuration files on each node during a periodic convergence run. Unfortunately, this approach has a number of pitfalls. The configuration information is static and cannot update any more frequently than convergence runs. Generally this is on the interval of many minutes or hours.

chef consul hashicorp puppet

Will Faught

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Consul Vs. ZooKeeper, Doozerd, Etcd

HashiCorp on Consul versus ZooKeeper, doozerd, and etcd: ZooKeeper, doozerd, and etcd are all similar in their architecture. All three have server nodes that require a quorum of nodes to operate (usually a simple majority). They are strongly-consistent and expose various primitives that can be used through client libraries within applications to build complex distributed systems. […] All of these systems have roughly the same semantics when providing key/value storage: reads are strongly consistent and availability is sacrificed for consistency in the face of a network partition.

consul etcd hashicorp zookeeper

Will Faught

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