Will Faught

November 2008


One reason I hesitated to move to Washington was because most of my friends and family are in California. I started college not knowing anyone, but joining a fraternity facilitated making friends and filled my schedule. Once again I’m faced with starting over, and I wonder if Microsoft will play that role of friend maker and schedule filler. I moved up here expecting only to know my aunt and uncle, who live in Sequim (pronounced squim for some reason); Dan, who was in my fraternity and works here full time now; and Tom, with whom I worked on a school project and who works at Microsoft too.

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Will Faught

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August 2008

I Finished The Rough Draft

Ah! It’s good to be done with that. It was such a burden, having that hanging over my head. Kind of like the ring of power, except not really cool, or gold. Looking back, I can’t believe how long it took to write. Sadly, there’s still more to do, too. I’m waiting to get feedback from my adviser, after which I’ll probably have to make some changes. I still have to finish up a coding project that goes along with the thesis document, but hopefully that won’t be too much more work.

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Will Faught

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