Will Faught

April 2016

Smartphones Are Boring: Here’s What Happens Next

Joanna Stern, writing for the Wall Street Journal: These days it’s hard to decide which is more thrilling: watching a new phone announcement or doing laundry while listening to hold music. A slightly better camera! A slightly brighter screen! Rose gold! I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. How powerful and accessible smartphones have become over the last decade is one of the greatest technological feats ever. But smartphone design has become as predictable as an Adam Sandler movie.

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Will Faught

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March 2008

Super Mario Galaxy

I bought the Nintendo Wii game Super Mario Galaxy when it was released and I’ve almost finished it (ten stars left to get). It’s a superb game, with beautifully-executed graphics, sound, game play, and level design (IGN gave it 9.7/10). It’s the best game on Wii right now and I’d recommend it to anyone who liked other Mario games or wants to see the Wii controls done right. However, it does have a couple faults.

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Will Faught

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