Will Faught

February 2009

My Birthday

I had a wonderful birthday. Thank you to all who made me feel so special! My parents and Nick flew to Seattle to be with me on the weekend before my birthday. I’m afraid I wasn’t a very good host, as I didn’t know the area very well, and wasn’t very prepared for them. Furthermore, I got lost driving the five blocks to their hotel and almost drove the wrong way down Mercer.

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Will Faught

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On my flight home for Thanksgiving, I sat a seat over from a cute girl named Rae who was around my age. We eventually chatted, and I learned she studied art history at the University of Washington, she was from California, and she was going home for the holiday too. I was gauging our conversation and toying with the idea of asking for her number, but I chickened out and figured I could find her online later.

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Will Faught

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December 2007

Just In Case I Have To Kill My Dinner

I went to a shooting range several weeks ago for my friend Jose’s birthday. I had never been to a firing range before. There were about ten of us and the range was divided into five lanes. Each lane had a different pistol and boxes of ammunition that you used to reload the weapon when it was your turn. I had never fired a pistol before, but I was still surprised at how nervous I was to fire a pistol.

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Will Faught

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