Will Faught

November 2008


I visited Aunt Deb and Uncle Ron last weekend at their home in Sequim, WA. It was so great to see them again; it had been a while since the last time. I got to take the ferry from Edmonds to Kingston across the sound on the way. The deep blue water was flat and still, and the sky was a lighter blue and dappled with thin, wispy clouds. Some seagulls that were following the ferry at about the same speed were flying just above the top deck where I stood.

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Will Faught

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July 2008

Happy Fourth Of July!

I went to the Pismo fireworks show for the Fourth of July with Esther. I had never been before, but our timing was perfect. It was pretty cool, there were tons of people there, on the street near Splash and on the beach on either side of the pier. The place was pretty well lighted and there was plenty of space to sit on the beach. The fireworks were launched from the end of the pier and they seemed to explode pretty close to the ground.

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Will Faught

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