Will Faught

November 2008

Obama Wins!

My apartment has a TV and cable, so I was able to watch the CNN and Daily Show coverage on Election Day. I had to watch it by myself, but I talked with Mom on the phone between McCain’s concession speech and Obama’s acceptance speech and talked with and texted Heather later in the night. I was so happy that Obama won! I couldn’t stop smiling. I was surprised at and pleased with how gracious McCain’s speech was, although I guess it’s no surprise he’d want to end on a good note, since he’ll have to work with Obama as a senator.

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Will Faught

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August 2007

Teach Them English Already

It strikes me as ironic that some have argued that the growing prevalence of Spanish in America, or at least the west and southern states, threaten American culture while there is little effort to teach immigrants English. NPR was reporting a little while ago that in New York City, it’s almost impossible to enroll in an English class because they’re so impacted. I believe they said conditions were similar in many other places.

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Will Faught

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