Always Change, Never Finish

An interview with an Agile Coach.

Agile · Methodology · Scrum · Software · Technology

Will Faught

1 minute

Part 1:

Part 2:

Some gems:

  • They were posted one “sprint” apart. 🤣
  • “It’s really Waterfall with meetings every two weeks.”
  • “That’s Greg. His birthday is on day 2 of sprint 7.”
  • “We don’t even define requirements until after production.”
  • “I lost my job because I’m a horrible developer. Now I’m an Agile coach.”
  • “Always change. Never finish.”
  • “Folks who don’t have anything valuable to add deserve meetings.”
  • “I’m so used to it, I don’t even hear the Waterfall.”
  • “Don’t give customers what they need; give them what they ask for.”
  • “The company was working fine before I introduced Scrum.”
  • “That’s why they have me: to make Waterfall look like Scrum.”