Andrew McDermott:

A tech employee, who I’ll call Alan, was watching anime porn at work. Not satisfied with simply watching it, he decided it was time to start printing his porn — on a color laser printer, no less.

He printed it on transparencies which, as it turns out, weren’t compatible with the laser printer.

They melted inside the printer.

Alan has just ruined a very expensive new printer. Then to make matters worse, he takes the printer apart in a misguided attempt to try and fix things himself. He’s voided the warranty.

After he was told specifically not to.

Naturally, He Was Fired for His Mistake

But it wasn’t for any of the mistakes I just mentioned. He definitely made a mess of things; he creeped out his co-workers, destroyed company property and cost his employers a lot of money.

He was fired because he lied about it.

It’s a pretty good list.