Big Macs Vs. The Naked Chef

agile coding

Will Faught

1 minute

Joel Spolsky:

But the rules and procedures only work when nothing goes wrong. Various “data-backed Web site” consulting companies sprouted up in the last couple of years and filled their ranks by teaching rank amateurs the fourteen things you need to know to create a data-backed Web site (“here’s a select statement, kid, build a Web site”).

The last line cracked me up.

The moral of the story:

Beware of Methodologies. They are a great way to bring everyone up to a dismal, but passable, level of performance, but at the same time, they are aggravating to more talented people who chafe at the restrictions that are placed on them. It’s pretty obvious to me that a talented chef is not going to be happy making burgers at McDonald’s, precisely because of McDonald’s rules. So why do IT consultants brag so much about their methodologies? (Beats me.)