Star Wars Forever Marred

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Will Faught

1 minute

Damn it! I was just sitting here, watching the end of Return of the Jedi on TV. You know, the party on Endor after the big climax where the music plays and they’re all dancing and hugging. They changed the ending! The music was much quieter and less energetic and they now have that dude who plays Anakin in Episodes 1-3 standing there as a ghost instead of the older version of himself. The changes thoroughly sucked ass. The music always used to give me a warm feeling and it was touching to see the old Anakin stand there with Yoda and Obi Wan. Now there’s no sense of euphoria at the end. Plus I don’t give a crap about young Anakin, there’s no place for him in this story.

Damn you, George Lucas! Leave my classics alone.  Most art is probably never perfected in creators’ opinions. But the artists need to put it out there for people to enjoy, so at some point you have to leave it be and set it free.

You can’t even buy the original version of the movie anymore!  South Park was right.